Christine and Steve have discovered that many of the messages of Sweetbird's music are also

              found in the book "A Course in Miracles." Listeners are encouraged to check out the book. To               learn more about ACIM, see Robert Skutch's book titled, "Journey Without Distance."



              ON YOUTUBE

              Sweetbird is creating a series of videos for the newly created SWEETBIRD MUSIC CHANNEL

              on YouTube. Click on link to watch: http://www.youtube.com/user/sweetbird.com



               NEW RECORD IN THE WORKS

               Christine and Steve are arranging songs for the next Sweetbird record titled "2B1." Many of the

               songs are inspired by the poetry of Rumi and the record will be dedicated to him.  Artist

               Michael Green has donated a beautiful illuatration for the cover of "2B1." Stay tuned...




THE GREAT LIFE - New Sweetbird Record Is Out!

Sweetbird's fourth record, The Great Life, was released by Broadband Records and is available for download at BandCamp: http://sweetbird.bandcamp.com/. CDs and lyrics are also available at Bandcamp. The Great Life is dedicated to David R. Hawkins MD PhD and features 11 original inspirational compositions including a full-band version of the song "I Am Love" which originially appeared on the group's first album Free Spirit Reflection.   Tunecore is distributing The Great Life on iTunes, Amazon.com, Spotify and other fine digital music outlets.  Sweetbird will be on the road performing songs from the new record in the months ahead.  Thanks for listening!



Click on the album name to access PDFs:

Free Spirit Reflection Lyrics

Soul Fire Lyrics

Shine lyrics


I AM LOVE - Book now available for download!

Steve and Christine have finished a new book titled: "I Am Love: Revelation and Mediation on the Path to The Great Life." The book is a companion to Sweetbird's forthcoming record "The Great Life," and is now available as a free PDF download. To download, click on underlined book title: I Am Love - Revelation and Meditation - Web Layout.  Feel free to save the PDF file to your hard drive and email it to friends and family with love.  The book is also available as a pamphlet and includes a CD with the song "I AM Love." To order a free copy, click on "Contact Sweetbird" nearby and send us a short note with your mailling address. The song "I AM Love" is available for download at iTunes and other popular digital music websites. Please click on the "STORE" link above for further information.


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